New Farmerama Contests on Facebook and Twitter

Mee with Party HatTwo new contests await for those of you who follow the game through the social networking aspects of the Earthly interweb.

Here is the announcement:

Howdy Farmers,

Farmerama has just started two Birthday contests on Facebook and Twitter.

On Facebook we´re looking for the best Birthday cards, you can create for Farmerama. You can draw it, craft if or use graphic program to design it. Post a picture of your FA B-Day card on our wall.
On Sunday, Jan 29th we will pick up 10 winners and book for each of them a 50x event drop items (greeting card).

On Twitter we´re interested in your #FA_highlight in the past year. Tell us which was your best moment in Farmerama using the #FA_highlight.
We will pick up 10 winners and book for each of them 50x event drop items (greeting card).!/farmerama

Enjoy our social contests and good luck.

Your Farmerama Team

If you’re not sure what is involved in using Facebook or Twitter please don’t ask us. Such things are banned on Nublon 5.


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