Farmerama – Now the Number of Birthday Cards Collected is Wrong

Mee with Party HatWell they really have let the children play in the computer room today, haven’t they ?

Some (or all) of you may be experiencing disappointment when you have harvested your whole farm only to find when you go to donate your items to the event that it shows zero, or a VERY low number, in the number of Birthday Cards that you have.

An announcement has been made as follows:

Howdy farmers

We are aware that the number of cards showing has gone to zero…It is now reported and I’m sure a fix will be done as soon as possible. Please do not post any more threads ..

Your farmerama team

Given that it is now 03:20 in Berlin this problem may persist for a while.

We have a little more farming to do here before we get some shut-eye ourselves so we may not be able to keep you updated as quickly as normal if the problem gets resolved after we have gone to bed.

Hopefully by the time we wake up in the morning that part of the system will be working again.

In the meantime just keep producing crop and collecting the pick-ups as we feel they are being recorded but just not being displayed properly.

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