Farmerama Second Birthday Event – Part 2 FAQ Released

Mee with Party HatThe official FAQ for Part 2 of the Birthday celebrations has now been released.

Birthday Event Part 2

The full FAQ can be found in this Forum thread and it includes the usual breakdown of what will be required at each level, but we here at FarmeramaAID would like to point out a change to the way the information is being presented.

Regular visitors to this site will know that we have been presenting event requirements data based on what is required at each specific level of an event and at each specific grade within each level, as we feel that it makes more sense that way. We have also shown cumulative totals for everything that will be required in order to complete the event.

Although this event only contains a single thread for the player to complete, it is noticeable both that the table included in the FAQ comes with the warning… “Each step on the following chart shows the amounts needed PER STEP, NOT a running-total.”… and that there is a summary chart showing the total requirements.

It seems that someone at Bigpoint has been watching us and has realised that what we are saying makes sense. 🙂

Let’s hope they continue to present the event data in that way, because it will save us at FarmeramaAID a lot of time in the future that would be better spent actually trying to complete the events.

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