Farmerama Birthday Event – Part 2

Mee with Party HatHave you completed Part 1 of the Birthday Celebrations yet?
No? Then you need to hurry up because the party starts tomorrow and, as predicted by our little Nublon spies, Shaun the Sheep is back!

The official announcement reads as follows:

Wow, you’re such a natural at party planning! You were all incredibly productive and it looks like the party is going to be a home run.
With everything taken care of, let’s go ahead and get the party started!

The word is out that special guests of honor are on their way to town. Everyone’s favorite sheep, Shaun, is bringing an extra special present with him50x Preserving Sugar and 50x Salt. Open it up right away!

Let’s be gracious hosts and get the show started! Collect all the birthday cards that are raining down on your fields and bring them to the Event Place to have them alongside all the birthday begonias and aubretias you have planted. Lots of great prizes await the winners! Farmers who donate enough will take home our new glamour item – celebrity rabbit Bunnilyn Bunroe, to commemorate such an amazing 2nd birthday!

Let’s party!!!!


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