Farmerama Birthday: Two Internet Competitions

Mee with Party HatThere are two new competitions available for you on the Earthly interweb, one on Facebook and one on Twitter.

The Forum Announcement reads as follows:

Howdy farmers,

We would like to inform you about running Birthday contests on Facebook and Twitter:

  • On Facebook we’re looking for the best homemade B-Day Farmerama Cake. Bake and decorate a cake, post a picture of it on our Facebook Wall and add your UserID as a comment. On Sunday Jan 22th (!) we will pick up 5 winners. Every winner will get the following Eventitem package: 50x horns and 50x cakes.
  • Like us on Facebook:
  • On Twitter we´re looking for the most original greetings for Farmerama’s birthday, Search for #FA_greetings and send us your creative wishes. We will pick up 10 winners – 5 of them will win 50x horns and the other 5 will win 50 cakes.
  • Follow us on Twitter:

Enjoy our Birthday contests!


By the way, do you like my new Party Hat? I had it specially made. 🙂

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  1. serenitynpeace

    So we go on Twitter and give them what? What does this mean:
    Search for #FA_greetings and send us your creative wishes.
    Confused Mee! Can you help?

    • Sorry, Serenity, I don’t Tweet and wouldn’t know where to start.
      I guess that part of the competition is for those whose do Tweet.
      Perhaps another reader could enlighten you ?

  2. serenitynpeace

    Oh Mee, by the way I love your hat!

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