Looking for a swap during Barter and Give event in Farmerama

Mee I was a very silly little Nublon farmer during the French event.

I had been away for a few days while the event was on, and in the mad rushing around when I got back I miscalculated on what I needed to get the Cafe and ended up just short. 😦

Plaza 3

Is there anyone out there who has one and would be prepared to do a swap for something in return?

I am prepared to be reasonably generous, without being silly, because I thought it was so beautifully drawn and I’ve been kicking my little Nublon self ever since.

If you would be prepared to swap it for something during the current Barter and Give event please add a comment to this post and I’ll consider all offers received by, say, the closing time for our Competition9pm (CET) tonight… Friday 13th January.

Thanking you in hope….

A very sad little Mee

(p.s. To be fair to everybody, no personal emails or in-game messages about this please; just respond in the comment box below. Thank you.)


About Mee

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  1. serenitynpeace

    I will send you what you want and need my friend Mee! Not to worry about the gift back, just be happy with the gift you want! 🙂
    Just tell me where to send it my friend and it’s yours!!

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