(1) A Birthday coming up – (2) No Happy Tree Day recently

Xmas Mee We know somebody who’s going to be 2 years old soon, don’t we?

Yes, very soon our favourite little farming community will be celebrating another year of existence on the Earthly interweb. Our little Nublon spies are telling us that the City will be decorated out with bunting and that there will special events for us all to participate in. Yippee!

We have seen some pre-release pictures of the City decorations, but they may not be the final versions so we’re not going to show then to you just yet.

On another note, it’s been quite a while since we’ve had a Happy Tree Day so maybe now is the time to start thinking about how to make the most of one and putting aside some Craft Items to be used when one does turn up. Happy Tree Days give you 200% EP’s on all your harvested trees for a period of 24-25 hours.

The only recipe that relates solely to trees, as of now, is the Apple Jam. Eating this will give you 20% more EP’s when you harvest your apples, and it lasts for 16 hours, which is enough to get two harvests in.

Apple Jam Market Poster

Apple Jam

Those of you lucky enough to have the recipes yourselves, or with CC’s to burn, may like to think about Sweet Rose Jam or Easter Marmalade.
Sweet Rose Jam Market Poster

As a guide to current market prices, the Sweet Rose Jam will cost around 100,000CC’s  while the Easter Marmalade may set you back a whopping 175,000CC’s. It can only be your decision as to whether you consider that good value or not.

Sweet Rose Jam gives you an extra 20% EP’s on all harvesting for a period of 8 hours, while Easter Marmalade gives you an extra 30% EP’s on all harvesting for 12 hours.

Another way, of course, to increase your EP return on your trees is to click the propeller and give them a splash of Suzy’s Super-Grow, and don’t forget that all related bonuses are cumulative for any particular crop item so your Happy Tree Day bonus is multiplied on top of any of those we have mentioned here.

Advertising footnote:
When we were looking around for suitable pictures of Bunting to use in this post we came across the one you see at the top, and as it was so appropriate we hoped that the owner wouldn’t mind us using it as long as we gave them a mention.

It comes from the UK site Curtains for Kids and they have a wide range of items for children, including these rather snazzy farming-related curtains.

Curtains for Kids - Orchard - Paintbox

Our British readers with children might like to view their full range.


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