Farmerama – NO New Bonus Codes (as at 31st Dec 2011)

Xmas Mee(This post superseded 24th Jan 2012 when the next Bonus Code was introduced)

Some of our neighbours and, from our website statistics, quite a lot of other farmers out there are getting very confused by the sudden appearance of the News Page in the middle of their farming. Many people believe that it indicates that there is a Bonus Code which is available to be entered (in a similar way to the Advent Calendar which automatically brought up
the News Page when a Bonus Code was awarded).

We would like to make it clear that to our knowledge there are NO new Bonus Codes in operation at the time of compiling this post, and that the delayed appearance of the News Page so far into a farming session is as a result of an unfortunate bug. It is related to the fact that you are unable to force the gift messages to appear by switching from one field to another when you first sign in.

There are a couple of old Bonus Codes that we know of which are still available and which newer players may not have used. They are shown in this earlier post.

We will post information regarding all new Bonus Codes as and when they become available, so if you want to be kept up to date with all the latest news click on the “Oh, Yes Pleasel” button at the top of the right hand column and enter your details in order to subscribe to this site. Then you will be automatically emailed a copy of every new post. You don’t need to be a WordPress user in order to subscribe.


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  1. are there any new bonus codes for june or july?

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