Farmerama New Year Quest 2011/12 – Dinner for Moo

Xmas MeeThe New Year Event has started and it is a 9 Level, Short-term Quest entitled Dinner for Moo. It will run until some time on 6th January. (Check the in-game timer for the actual finish time).

The quest will be found in the Farmers’ Society building in the City.

Quest Panel

It involves two new crops, Lucky Clover (which has a standard growing time of 3 hours) and Dentillaria (which has a standard growing time of 5 hours, and is also known as Plumbago). The Lucky Clover will disappear from the game at the end of the quest but the Dentillaria will remain as a Level 88 crop.

The full FAQ can be found on the Forum here, but as usual we have broken down the requirements for the quest into manageable and, we think, more understandable chunks to help you along.

Whereas the table in the FAQ shows the cumulative requirements for each level, which can be confusing and involves arithmetic by the players, our tables show the actual requirements on an element by element basis. Our readers have found this to be very helpful in the past.

Our charts also highlight in yellow the quickest paths to the Harvester functions, of which there are two in this quest.

This time we have also made downloading of the information even easier for you by producing a downloadable, 3 page PDF File of the requirements so you have everything in one place. Click on the link, then click again on the file name “Dinner for Moo Levels” to open the PDF file. You can then save or print it as you require.

The only thing not included in the PDF File is the Total Requirements Summary shown here.

Dinner for Moo Total Requirements

Dinner for Moo Total Requirements

For those of you who wish to view the requirements for each level individually they are shown below. Just click on each picture to view it full size.


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  1. serenitynpeace

    Since I couldn’t find a better place for this ….. (lol)
    I thought I would hang it here, (tap, tap, tap)
    Will there be any more challenges coming out anytime of this century? As I feel a real tiredness coming upon me, and a sensation of boredom I have not felt before.
    In other words ………………………………………………..
    There must be a change!!! Something new, something bright, something different! Opps, before this falls …. (tap,tap,tap)
    I must say this board to hold these notes is a bit, well, light??
    On this note I must bid you adieu!

    • Hi Serenity,
      Apologies on behalf of Bigpoint for the poor quality of the nails in recent drops. This is due to the Christmas holidays and them having to source from another supplier.
      When you say Challenges, do you mean in the game or on this site?
      Our little Nublon spies have heard nothing about any new permanent Quests within the game as as of yet, but as soon as they do a report will be posted.
      There will be a Birthday Event very soon and possibly another National event before the end of January too.
      As far as this site is concerned our next Competition is likely to be ready later on today, so watch out for the announcement!
      Take care!

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