Farmerama Tip of the Day – Plan ahead when considering Breeding

Xmas MeeThere was a Baby Boom Day just over a week ago, so now is the time to start thinking ahead to the next one.

Baby Boom Days are by far the best time to be doing your breeding of coloured animals because of the extra bonus you get from each breeding.

The standard breeding time is 6 hours, but using 4 pheromones reduces that to 22.5 minutes. If you have activated the rune on the Tree of Wisdom then your standard time is 5 hours which can be reduced to 18 minutes 45 seconds.

If you are anything like us, however, on a Baby Boom Day your farm is so full of Breeding Pastures and you have so much breeding that you want to fit into the available time that your pheromones get used up far too quickly.

There is an easy way of saving on pheromones though, and around now is a good time to be thinking about it.

Available to you from Level 40, Pink Jelly reduces the breeding time of all your Breeding Pastures by 50% and operates for an 8 hour period. That’s the same as giving you one extra pheromone on every Breeding Pasture for each breeding you can, or want to, fit into that time.

Pink Jelly

Pink Jelly is a Confectionery Level 2 Recipe and is available in the Supply Store (under “Specials“) for 25BB.

How you use it is up to you. If you are flush with pheromones for the amount of breeding you are planning then you can still use 4 pheromones on each breeding and reduce your breeding times to 11 minutes 15 seconds (or 9 minutes 23 seconds with the rune). Alternatively you could just use it as a replacement for one of the pheromones in each breeding process and save on pheromones that way.

You may not have the recipe for Pink Jelly because:

  • You aren’t a Confectioner
  • You haven’t reached Confectionery Level 2
  • You don’t want to pay 25BB for the recipe
  • You can’t pay 25BB for the recipe

Don’t worry if any of the above apply to you because Pink Jelly is available on the Market for quite reasonable prices at the moment. We checked it out before writing this post at 7,000CC on one of the markets.

Do bear in mind, however, that once a Baby Boom Day is announced it is quite possible that the market price may rise which is why it may be worth considering buying some over the next few days.


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  1. Howdy Fellow Farmers:
    My strategy for baby boom day is to have as many lower level animals bred as I can manage in the preceeding month. That way I do not start with the lowest animals and my twins and triplets are the higher, harder to get animal levels. I started with 40 cuddles and ended up with an Easter Bunny!

    My mill also grinds as much power feed as I can manage all month too. That way I purchase less and play more!
    Happy Farming!

    • Hi Moonshine,
      Thank you for sharing your strategy with us.
      We always enjoy other players being neighbourly and joining in with the basis behind this site.
      We will try your method on one of our farms and see how it goes.
      Happy farming!

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