FarmeramaAID Christmas Competition Winner

Xmas MeeAt the turn of midnight entries closed for our Christmas Competition.

We were a little disappointed with the number of entries received but we had a good laugh reading those which did make their way across the interweb.

The entry that wins the Classic Reindeer Stable II and the Scented Tree

Classic Reindeer Stable II and Scented Tree

… came from….

(drumroll please….) …..

SerenitynPeace !


Here is Serenity’s winning entry.

Place the lawnmower under your spaceship. You can use magnets to keep the lawnmower from falling off, otherwise that could bring upon you a nasty mess to pick. Just what you’re trying to avoid! Then you will need a remote control box.
So, now that it is attached, you must put a hose in your ship and hang it out the window. That way you can cut the grass, then water right after!
To start, set up your favorite lounge chair and have a seat with your favorite drink. Hit the button for “cutting lawn” and away it goes! Then on a timer you set the time for doing the lawn, and watering. So that way you don’t have to even think of turning it off! It is all done for you!

What we liked the most about this entry was that it left out almost all of the technical elements and concentrated on the relaxation and lounging around. Given how busy we have been lately that did the trick for us! 🙂

Well done, Serenity! Your prizes will be delivered during the next Buyer and Giver Event.


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  1. I am in tears right now! Tears of joy! I can’t believe I won!! Thank you all so very much! I can hardly type this as I can’t see what I am typing! lol Thank you so very, very, very much!

    I am in shock! I am so happy, thank you again!! I am the luckiest woman alive right now! My husband said go for it, so I said okay. I told him we could write one up together, and when I saw I could put in as many as I wanted, I decided to put one in now. A quick one. It just came to me as I was thinking, so I typed it right away. So I want to thank my husband too, for telling me to put a story in!

    • Hi Lorie,
      Assuming you’re SerenitynPeace we’re glad you’re so happy ! 😉
      Unfortunately you might have to wait a while to receive your prize as we don’t yet know when the next Barter and Give event will be. We were rather hoping that Bigpoint would have the foresight to arrange one for Xmas day so that people could send each other presents. That would have been nice, but apparently too much to ask.
      But don’t worry, they will be sent to you at the earliest opportunity.
      Thank you for entering. 🙂

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