Farmerama Advent Calendar – Day 19 – Gingerbread Recipe

Mee All of a sudden, when looking at the Advent Calendar, it seems there are very few numbers left. That means that Christmas is almost upon us, and today’s recipe for Gingerbread will certainly get us in the mood to start celebrating.

It is a Bakery Level 3 recipe, and eating the Gingerbread will speed up your Production Pens by 5% for 10 Hours.

In order to start making the Gingerbread you will need to be at Bahamarama Level 13 to get the Cocoa Beans you will need. Don’t worry if you are not there yet, collect the recipe anyway and it will be waiting for you in the Bakery when you do reach Level 3.

Day 19 - Gingerbread Recipe

Day 19 - Gingerbread Recipe

A reminder that there is now less that a week left to enter our competition to win a Classic Reindeer Stable II and a Scented Tree (which gives Pheromones). Pop over to the Competition Page, put your thinking cap on, and have a go. Someone has to win them!

Classic Reindeer Stable II and Scented Tree

Classic Reindeer Stable II and Scented Tree


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