Farmerama “Pimp my Sleigh” 2011

Mee Oh dear! Santa has landed in your farm and needs your help!

Santas Sleigh

Howdy Farmers,
Christmas is just around the corner and there is a lot to do – especially for Santa Claus!
Unfortunately he just had to make an emergency landing at your farm when he was on his way to the North Pole for more presents.
Santa didn’t get hurt, but his reindeer are exhausted, the rest of the presents still have to be picked up, and, to top it all off, Santa is running behind schedule.
His sleigh is in your workshop and needs your skillful hands to make desperately needed improvements.
Grab the blueprints so you can help Santa out and save Christmas!
Now it’s up to you to revamp the sleigh in 10 days starting Monday December 19th so that Santa can distribute all the presents and get back home on time, lest he get shot down by new year’s fireworks!
Have fun with “Pimp my Sleigh” 2011 and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.
Your Farmerama Team

* from Urban dictionary:
pimping : More commonly used nowadays as making something cool or better.


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