Farmerama capture the Crow, at last

Mee Many of you may have noticed that the Crow managed to escape on 5th December and the Farmerama team have had great difficulty in catching it again. They have now managed it, however, and the Crow is safely installed in the Supply Store.

Crow and Nest

Crow and Egg Warmer in Supply Store

Crow and Egg Warmer in Supply Store

The incubation time is 168 hours (7 days) which can be reduced to 1 hour if you add an Egg Warmer (39 BB in Supply Store).
When the Crow hatches you’ll get a 250 EP hatching bonus.
The crow effects are: 5% EP bonus on ALL harvesting everywhere on your farm for 15 minutes and with a cool-down timer set to 12 hours.


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