Farmerama Winter Magic Event – A WARNING !!

Mee You will have seen the new Winter Magic Event in the Farmerama City by now and you may be thinking to yourself “Wow, I’d really like the Reindeer Stable or the Winter Magician!“.

Winter Magic Event Pop-Up

But before you go piling your crops and animals into it, along with the Glitter and Lights that you are collecting, just sit back a moment and think….

You need to donate 500,000 CC’s worth of crops AND 600 Glitter to get the Reindeer Stable.

You need to donate 500,000 CC’s worth of animals AND 600 Lights to get the Winter Magician.

Are you ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that you can complete either of those sets of requirements?

We would strongly recommend that you give NOTHING to either of these sections of the event until you KNOW that you have enough by way of CC value and the required lights/glitter to complete the section involved.


Quite simply because nowhere in the FAQ for this event does it say that items donated to incompleted sections will be returned to the farmers at the end of the event, and from the responses given by Moderators in the Forum to questions asked in this regard the advice has been “Don’t donate until you know you can complete it“.

This means that when the event ends (and that time is indeterminate because it depends on when the Global Counter reaches the Snow Globe at the top right of the event pop-up) you would LOSE EVERYTHING that you have donated to those incompleted parts!

We at FarmeramaAID know that one of our farms does not have sufficient quantities of crops and animals in store to complete either of those parts of the event and so that farm is donating NOTHING to these two elements.

Unless you can be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that you have enough, and can afford to use it for this purpose, we would strongly recommend that you do the same!

As far as the Global Bar at the top right is concerned, there is no requirement to donate anything to that as all players will receive the Snowglobe once the required quantities have been donated by other players.

We are hanging on to our crops and animals because we donated large amounts to previous “Global” events of this type only to find that the next event required a lot of things we were left short of.

For those of you who want a Reindeer Stable but don’t have the required amount of crops (or for anyone else, actually) there is always an XL Reindeer Stable to be won in our own little FarmeramaAID Christmas Competition. Time is running out to get your entries in… only 12 days left!


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  1. TY for another informative post. I would just like to add this.
    What can be worth 500,000 cc and 600 whatever???
    I am going to,bet, that whatever the S or M produces, will never cover the cost of what it took to acquire them.

    Be Well,

    • Hi RipRap,
      You have a good point there. Half a million CC’s worth of crops or animals is a very large amount to be investing just to get a Reindeer Stable or another EP giver that won’t fit into an already overflowing Park.
      There is, of course, no compulsion upon any farmer to donate to any part of the event, but for those who have a full barn but no Reindeer Stable they may consider it worth the investment.
      It may be easier to win an XL Reindeer Stable in our Christmas Competition though. 😉

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