Moonlight Mania with Bat Breeding now underway

Mee Moonlight Mania has started and the details of the requirements to open the Bat Breeding have been announced.

Moonlight Mania Bat Breeding Banner

You can find the icon for Bat Breeding in the bottom-right corner of Jack’s Shop.

Bat Breeding in Jacks Shop

Bat Breeding in Jacks Shop

The requirements to unlock Coloured Bat Breeding are :

Bat Breeding Requirements

which are very similar to the previous requirements during the Halloween Event (except the 500 candies switched for 1000 monster pumpkins).

Good luck to all of you who have yet to unlock this feature, we hope you manage it this time. 🙂

Moonlight Mania will end at 3pm (CET) tomorrow, Sunday 11th December. Click the clock face in the right-hand column to see how your own time relates to CET time in Berlin.

There is an in-game event timer and another timer in the Forum announcement.


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  1. Thank you kindly for putting up the Colored Bat Breeding and what we need! Would it be possible to put up the Bat Roost (what we need to grow to buy it) and exactly what it is for, such as the growing of bats …????
    We are not really sure what the bat roost does at this point in time, thank you very much!

    • Hi Lorie,
      Thanks for your question.
      The Bat Roost (available to players from Level 10) quite simply produces Bats, in the same way as a Chicken Coop produces Chickens.
      Unlike Chicken Coops and other animal pens, however, it can’t be bought from the Shop. You either have to win one on the Wheel or buy one in Jack’s Shop during a Moonlight Mania. In Jack’s Shop the cost is 750 BoneTrees, 1000 Tombstones, 1250 Ghosts.
      When a player reaches Level 21 within the game they open up the ability to Breed Coloured Animals and, in the case of Bats, that also means the ability to have Bat Guano Production Pens.
      But first things first… Bats are special because Bat Breeding also requires an unlock by the player, and this is done by fulfilling the requirements in Jack’s Shop when there is a Moonlight Mania running.
      We have put up a mini-tutorial of this which we hope will help you see what you need to do to unlock this feature, and we will complete the full details of the Breeding Process very soon for those who have never bred Coloured Animals before.
      Does this help, Lorie ?

  2. When will the next Moonlight Mania event occur?

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