New Runes on Farmerama Tree of Wisdom

Mee The new runes have arrived on the Tree of Wisdom! Yeehaa!

But now the bad news…  the descriptions for some of them are in German.  😦

German Rune Description

German Rune Description

The new runes are triangular in shape and are, as promised, of a new multi-level type that you can open in stages. Here’s an example of an English one we found…

Jam Master Level 1

Jam Master Level 1

Those which replace runes which you had previously opened already have Level 1 unlocked, and you can tell which ones you have partially completed as they fill up in stages coloured green inside.

We will wait until Bigpoint have sorted out the language problems before giving you a full run-down of them, so watch out for further news!

While you’re waiting for that don’t forget our Christmas Competition. You could win yourself a Reindeer Stable and a Scented Tree to brighten up your farm. 🙂


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  1. I was wondering about the Rune with 4 animals. How will that be working? Do you have the option to get all four? Or just one? Is has the word “Gift” in there. I am sure they are not free, as in “gift” right! lol
    Could you please help me out with this one Mee.
    A bit confused, lol 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Serenity,
      I think you mean the rune in the centre of the trunk, just below the tree foliage, with the little ladybird (ladybug) on it ?
      It actually says “gift” for all of them, but you have to “buy” them with stars.
      You will only get the animal that you open up each time.
      For example the Chicken (which we believe is a Mini) will cost you 40 Stars, the Cow (which is a Flaming Steer) will cost you 50 Stars etc.
      When you have collected more stars you can collect another animal, and so on.
      A lot of the new runes are “multi-stage”, signified by their different shapes.
      Hope this helps.
      Happy farming ! 🙂

  2. Is the only way into the Bah. the 200 star payment???

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