New Runes – Clarification, Apology and yet another Bug

Mee There have been more announcements regarding the new runes.

New Runes Graphic

It’s probably best if we just reproduce them “as is” and we will provide more complete information as it becomes available.

The Confectionery and Bakery New Runes give increased Trade Points when you make your crafting recipes.

They have been given names that look like recipes, but it’s only in fact a name. The runes gives you an increased % of trade-points for each following recipe that you will make, according to the % shown on the rune and also the chart.

(The chart mentioned can be found in this Forum post, but we will be producing a more legible version of our own.)

Basing our speculations on the pictures above, we also imagined that all these runes would go live today.

However, 2 of them are missing:

  • The Trophy rune
  • The shorter Workshop time rune

These two runes required more testing, and will be added as soon as possible.
We’ll keep you updated as soon as we know more.
– – – – – –
There is also a bug on the Manure pile for Premium Members. The quantity should be doubled, and at this moment it isn’t.
This problem has been reported, and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Thank you for your patience.

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