Farmerama Advent Calendar – Day 9 – Another Bonus Code – and the end of the Festive Fun Quest

Mee Today’s present behind the window of the Advent Calendar is another Bonus Code, and it is one that you will definitely want! Use it by 23:59 (CET) today, 9th December or you will lose it.

It may herald the long-awaited arrival of the new runes on the Tree of Wisdom. We here at the FarmeramaAID farmhouse have so many stars waiting to be used we cannot count them. Oops, that couldn’t be a clue as to today’s present, could it? 😉

A reminder for everyone too that the Festive Fun Quest will end at 10am (CET) today, 9th December and so there are only a few hours left to get as much as you can from the quest if you haven’t completed it. Remember not to donate partial goods to any element as you will lose them if you do not complete that element before the quest finishes.

When the quest is over Cinnamon will only be available as a Bahamarama crop (level still to be announced) so if you are not yet at the necessary level all your Cinnamon will disappear. You won’t lose it, it will still be in your inventory, but you won’t be able to see it again until you reach the required level in the island.


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