Festive Fun – Detailed Charts for completing the Quest

MeeAs we did with the Unification in Romania quest we are now pleased to offer you our charts of the requirements for the whole of the Festive Fun Quest

We are including separate charts for each level so if you want to save them or print them out you can do so. Just click on any of the pictures and it will open up, full size, in another window or tab and you can save or print it from there.

The Quest is made up of 5 Levels and will require the new crop Cinnamon.


For this Quest Cinnamon takes 4 hours to grow and each 2×2 plot yeilds 40 EP. It can be grown on all farming lands from Level 2+ and Bahamarama Level 2+.

From Farm Level 2+ each player will receive 20 seeds of Cinnamon with which to start the Quest. If you donate ALL your stock of Cinnamon to the Quest, you’ll have to wait for the automatic replenishement every 6 hours where you will receive 5 free seeds.

Cinnamon will remain after the Quest as a Bahamarama crop, details to be announced.

Now to the Charts.

Our charts differ slightly from the ones in the FAQ’s on the Forum in two ways.

Firstly we have highlighted, in a creamy colour, the tasks you need to complete in order to get to the Harvester/Seeder/Droid prizes at the top of the event. If those are your target then these highlighted tasks are the minimum requirement in order to get that additional help.

Secondly, we believe it is more sensible to show the actual number of items required to complete each individual task rather than the total number you will have required at that level to complete that task.

For example: On Level 1 the Silver task requires 300 Cinnamon while the Gold task (in isolation) requires 300 Cinnamon and 250 Fennel, so that is what we show against each task. The version of the Forum shows the Gold task as requiring 600 Cinnamon and 250 Fennel, a format which we find rather confusing as it always requires mental arithmetic to work out what is required for easch individual task beyond the Silver.

We do provide a summary total of the required number of items to complete each level, but with our charts it is shown as a separate figure for the sake of clarity. We hope you agree.

The Charts begin here with a chart summarising the Total Product Requirements for the whole Quest followed by the individual levels. We hope you find them useful and would appreciate any comment you may have about them, either good or bad. Just click on the “Contact” menu item at the top of the site and give us your opinion. Thank you.

Total Product Requirements

Festive Fun Product Requirements

Level 1 Chart

Festive Fun Level 1 Chart

Level 2 Chart

Festive Fun Level 2 Chart

Level 3 Chart

Festive Fun Level 3 Chart

Level 4 Chart

Festive Fun Level 4 Chart

Level 5 Chart

Festive Fun Level 5 Chart

Happy farming! 🙂


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