Farmerama Tip of the Day – 4th December – Don’t lose things to incomplete quest elements

MeeWith tomorrow being the last day of the Unification in Romania Short-Term Quest it seems that today might be a good day for a word of caution.

Under normal circumstances it doesn’t matter if you only partially complete a particular element of a quest because you can always come back to it later when you have enough of what is required. But with Short-Term Quests partially completing an element is dangerous in case you should happen to miss the end of the event. If that happens you will lose any items donated to incomplete elements.

Short-Term Quests are normally identified as such in the Farmers’ Society as in this example:

Short Term Quest

Short Term Quest

In such quests you would be best advised not to leave any element partially completed, just in case. After all, we never know what tomorrow may bring or what may be just around the corner.

If you’re in any way unsure what we mean here are two examples which should make it clear.

Bad Quest Element

Bad Quest Element

Good Quest Element

Good Quest Element

In the first example the Lady’s Bedstraw and the Oats have already been donated to the element but the Cauliflowers are not yet complete. This is the dangerous situation we are referring to as those items will be lost if the event ends before you have the chance to donate the Cauliflowers. The second example shows how all your quest elements should look unless you have all the necessary items to fulfill the requirements. If you do then go ahead and complete the element.

Just to reiterate, for the normal quests which are always available in the game this should not be an issue and you should be safe to “build up” your donations as the items become available, completing the element when it is convenient to yourself.

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