Christmas Cookie details now fixed and Surprise Seedlings arrive early

MeeWell it’s all surprises this weekend isn’t it?

You will now see that the reward for eating Christmas Cookies is 1350 EP per Cookie.

Also, and somewhat confusingly, the Surprise Seedlings Event has started 24 hours early.

Your Surprise Seedlings are available in the Supply Store under the Seasonal Items button at a cost of just 5BB each.

The Christmas Tree is one of the possible surprises that you may get this time.

Christmas Tree as announced

It gives 100 EP every 20 Hours and its’ “fruit” is 4 Christmas Tree Ornaments, each with a notional Market Value of 100 CCs.

I guess we’ll find out later what they will be used for.

Editors’ Note: We mistakenly thought that the Surprise Seedlings were being offered at a knock-down price, but on further investigation it seems we had a bit of a brain-wobble. Our apologies if you were misled. We have now edited this post to remove any such references.


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  1. I received the recipe for the Christmas cookies … but now I don’t know where to find it! lol They never tell you, they assume. Well, if they do say, I never see it! Can you help me with this! Please! Thank you!

    • Sorry, we forgot to mention that the recipe is for the Bakery at Level 2. (We’re still getting used to this ourselves).
      Don’t worry, when you get to Level 2 the recipe will be there and you will be able to take advantage of the bonus the Cookies give you.
      You can buy the Cookies in the Market anyway, if you have enough CC’s, even though the recipe may be at a higher level than you are.

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