New Market (and Inventory) Function in Farmerama

MeeThe following announcement was made a few hours ago but we delayed informing you until we had the opportunity of testing it ourselves.

We have now added a scroll feature to the market – and from now on you will be able to scroll with the mouse-wheel, this means players do not have to use the buttons anymore. It makes the market even more efficient.

Also, when you have bought food for your animals and the pop up said “ you bought xy stables”, has now been fixed.

The first thing we would say about this is that Bigpoint are being far too modest; the scroll facility has also been added to the Inventory screens. (Or did we just not realise before that they scrolled?… Possible.)

The second thing we would say is that it’s horrible!

It’s clunky, jerky, and it moves the wrong way!

In a little more detail these are the things we don’t like about it.

  • On the old market the data scrolled smoothly with the rolling of the wheel. On this version it scrolls one whole page at a time… completely… despite the fact that there is an animation that shows the intervening panels moving across the display.
  • Whereas using the arrows repeats the last column in the direction you move, this scrolling doesn’t so you have no visual clue as to which way the scroll went. This relates to the next complaint…
  • You have to scroll UP to move to the right (further “down” the list) and DOWN to move to the left (further “up” the list). That’s just plain illogical! We keep trying to go the wrong way.
  • In our testing (using Firefox) the amount of wheel roll that it takes in order to move from one page to the next varies enormously from just one wheel movement right up to ten movements, and it’s not even consistent. That is really nasty as you’re sitting there rolling and rolling the wheel and nothing is happening.

We’ll continue to use the arrows thank you very much until a proper, smooth scroll is introduced, and one which moves in the right direction.

Score 0/10


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