Farmerama Advent Calendar – Day 3 – A recipe and a warning

MeeThe following announcement has been put up on the Forum with regard to the Day 3 reward from the Advent Calendar:

The 2nd Advent bonus: a papercrafting item (owl) is now ended.

The 3rd Advent bonus is now active..

It is NOT a bonus code.

It is a RECIPE, that can be made in the Bakery, Level 2.

There seems to be a bug on the “effects” – so PLEASE do NOT EAT the product if you make it.
There is NO effect “yet”….

The recipe is for a Christmas Cookie, but along with the fact that the effect does not happen the description in the Pantry and the Market is meaningless.

Christmas Cookie



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  1. I think it is a great idea for those who use the Bakery, and who are @ that level. What about people that don’t have the bakery?, or people who don’t spend their time and product even baking? Even if the recipe works …. it is unfair to those who don’t need it, or use it.

    • The various Advent prizes will benefit different players on different days. Our farms have a mixture of Bakery and Confectionery so yesterday that recipe was of no immediate use to the ones that are on the Confectionery, although if they ever do open up the Bakery as well then the recipe will still be there once they get to Level 2. But even without the Bakery there is a benefit because other people make the Cookies and sell them on the Market, thereby making the EPs available for other players to buy, if they so wish.
      It’s a matter of individual choice as to whether a player does either, both, or neither of the existing trades but that doesn’t stop prizes being available for those who do have the Bakery. There will doubtless be a Confectionery recipe as a reward soon, just to balance things out, and we would expect further recipes for both trades during the duration of the Advent Calendar. We think there may even be an outside chance that the prize one day might be the “opportunity” to start another “new” trade… anything is possible!
      As for being unfair to those who don’t need it or don’t use it, there are two aspects to that.
      Firstly it would be very boring if the prize every day was of immediate benefit to every player (after all, it would need to be a Level 1 crop), and secondly the whole game is about personal choices and the prizes are pitched so that, no matter what choices a player has made, there will be things they can use immediately on some days.
      We had absolutely no use for the Arts and Crafts Owl on day 2, but people with young children would have got the benefit from it.
      If a player wins a Squirrel Hut on the wheel is it of “no use” to them because they don’t have any Squirrel Feed yet? No. But when they have made or bought some Squirrel Feed it then becomes useful.
      The whole game works that way.
      You will find the prize behind today’s Bonus Code of use, and we hope you will get plenty of good surprises throught the Advent period.

  2. I love this page! Better and MORE ACCURATE info than Pigpoint! Thank you for providing this much needed public service to all of the players of Farmermamamamama ….

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