Romanian Event has now started

MeeThe Unification In Romania event has now started and will run until 5th December ending at 10am CET.

The event can be found in your Farmer’s Society Quests. Note that there are no Drop Items in this event so there is no Event shown on the Plaza in front of the Farmer’s Society in the City.

The new crops for the event are Lady’s Bedstraw and Cauliflowers.

Lady's Bedstraw

Lady's Bedstraw



Each farm will receive 20 seeds of each of these with which to start the event, and the crops can be planted on all fields; Main Field, Meadow, Magical Glade and Bahamarama. If you use all your stocks you will receive another 5 seeds on a 6 hour cycle.

The event can be completed without having to buy any items by all players at level 24 and above.

The total requirements to complete the event are as follows:

  • 5500 Lady’s Bedstraw
  • 4075 Cauliflowers
  • 1250 Hay
  • 400 Oats
  • 200 Bluebells
  • 90 Walnuts
  • 50 Goats
  • 45 Pears
  • 30 Cherries
  • 25 Glowworms

The main prizes are 36 hours of all three Machinery functions (Harvester/Seeder/Droid), a Lady’s Bedstraw Sticker, and a Dancing Goats EP Giver.

Lady's Bedstraw Sticker

Lady's Bedstraw Sticker

Dancing Goats

Dancing Goats

We will post a full analysis of the items required at each level and for each element later but in the meantime the breakdown can be found in the FAQ on the Forum.


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