New Seasonal Gifts – Christmas Presents

MeeDuring the Christmas period there are some Seasonal Gifts you can send to your neighbours.

You will find them under the Seasonal Items tab when you are in the Send Gifts area of the Post Office.

Christmas Presents

Christmas Presents

  • Holiday Centerpiece gives 30 EP every 10 hours – 20 charges.
  • Candy Cane gives 20 EP every 10 hours – 30 charges.
  • Santa’s Helpers gives 100 EP every 20 hours.
  • Snowman gives 30 EP every 10 hours.

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  1. g2-78bb297c88676916617e6133b0e7304e

    I guess I will take all of the Santas Helpers you can send me dude. I am guessing the SHs do not run out correct? Since you did not mention any “charges” for,them.

    TY my friend and neighbor. FARM ON!

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