Advent Calendar now accessible from Main Field

MeeFrost and snow have arrived on the Main Field in your farm and the Advent Calendar is now up and running.

The entrance is at the top of the field next to the Harvester.

Access to Advent Calendar

Clicking on the little hut will open up the Advent Calendar.

Advent Calendar

When you click on the number corresponding to the date the following pop-up will appear and you will be given a Bonus Code to enter. (If you have never used a Bonus Code before and need help in using them we have a tutorial that will walk you through the necessary stages.)

But why have we blocked out the Bonus Code in the picture?

Well, on the Forum they have asked people not to spoil the fun and post the code for others to see, and we too feel it would be inappropriate to do so. All we will tell you is that today’s prize is very useful to you, especially at the start of the Unification in Romania event. 😉

When you click the “OK” button on the pop-up you are automatically taken to the News Page where you can enter the code and claim your reward.

We wonder what other surprises they have in store for us this Advent…


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