Mega-EP Weekend and Mystery Stable Master have begun

Mee These Mini-Events have now started and will last for 2 days.

There is an event timer in this Forum thread.

The information about the Mega-EP day is given here.

The information about the Mystery Stable Master is given here.

Go get a Groundhog Stable, if you can !

Groundhog Stable


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  1. serenitynpeace

    I like their ideas, I like the games, and the different events. What bothers me, if you want to take part you have to be on all the time, or have lot’s of money to buy what is needed, and I do not think that is fair or right.
    I left a game I loved. A farm game. All because it came down to money. I refuse to buy anything in a game as it is not mine. Even though it is my money I spend. Can you take what you bought with you? If the game closes will they give you back what you paid for?
    It is all greed that they want so much money just to play a game.
    Nuff said.

    • For players who play for free almost everything is possible within the game, but it may take a long time to get there. It’s certainly true that paying money can help to speed things up and/or make life easier and that is an option that is available to (most) players, subject to their own financial situation.
      We only pay BP any money on one of our farms, the latest one, all the others we have played for free for over a year and have achieved a heck of a lot. (Completed Wisdom Tree, maximum Trophy %age, etc.).
      Now sure we spend a lot a lot of time playing the game, but in the early days that wasn’t the case. A lot of it is down to technique/methodology and that is one of the reasons we started this website on the earthly interweb, to impart some of that knowledge and experience to other players to make their farming lives a little easier.
      As the tutorials start to take shape eveything will become clearer, and we hope you and other players will benefit from them.

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