Farmerama Tip of the Day – Don’t buy the wrong thing at the Market

Mee With the current plethora of bugs in the new Market it is very easy to get confused and especially easy not to realise when sometimes (!) the information being displayed is not actually correct.

We know this because we have fallen foul of it on a number of occasions ourselves. (Anybody need 13,000 Sunflowers in a rush? )

One of the most prevalent bugs is the one where you want to buy more than one offer of a certain item, but after you have bought the first the data within the sale window actually relates to something totally different. But there is an easy way to make sure that you get the right information.

Until the problems get sorted out, which is likely to take some while, after you make any purchase on the Market assume that what you are now seeing is wrong. It may be correct, but do you want to risk your CC’s on that chance?

Rather than using F5 which, depending on the sate of the system at the time, can cause all sorts of things to happen within the market (including taking you back to a field), just use the selection change arrows at the top left of the panel as highlighted in this example.

Using the arrows to change the data

All you need to do is click one of them and then the other and then the data shown under your selected item will actually be correct.

We will, of course, keep you informed as much as we can regarding as and when the various problems within the Market get sorted out.

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Happy farming! 🙂

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