Further announcements – IE Users, Feed Changes, Tooltips

Mee At the end of what must seem like a very long week for many of the staff at Bigpoint a series of announcements have been made this evening regarding Internet Explorer, changes to some of the Animal Feeds, and problems with Tooltips:

Internet Explorer and Renzo’s Travelling Fair

First of all this time we have got good news for you. Due to the chaos of the last few days we found out that the Internet Explorer wasn’t working properly with our Minigames on the fair. We worked hard on it during the last two days to find the needle in the hay. We rebuilt the whole fair with a little helper icon for the Internet Explorer Users.

So, what has changed and what has to be done?

– The Minigames are now playable with the Internet Explorer

– In case you got no pop up about your won coins it is important to press “F5” to see the won points in the overview in the upper corner.

– We built a little icon over these games after play, which can be pressed after the game to have a look at the pop up ( still not working perfect unfortunately )

IE Patch

Normally we try to fix all issues at once. Unfortunately this is slightly more complicated and will take a bit more time. But we decided that it’s better for those Internet Explorer Users to have a chance to play over the weekend and to take part at the fair to win the prizes, even it’s not working as smooth as on other browsers.


You may find that you are unable to leave the Fairground, it is advised that refreshing will return you to your farm and you can re-enter the Fairground.

Feed Changes

The second news is all about the animal feed. The required crops for the animal feed have been drastically adjusted. These are much cheaper and more logical too. Cows just don’t like to eat pears all the time.

I hope you like the adjustments as lots of you asked for the changes in the feed.

We wish you a pleasant weekend and a great first advent!


For the time being, it is not possible to disable tooltips. They will remain on even if you have turned them off.

This is a known issue and is being addressed. Please do not start any new threads on this topic.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Your Farmerama Team

… and one other thing…

If anyone out there happened to read our earlier post regarding the “Purchases and Turtles” (and we know that some of you did) we have had to pull that post because while we were in the process of putting it together (and ourselves trying to take advantage of the offer it mentioned) the announcement on the Forum was being changed.

The original announcement, which we relayed in good faith, stated that the Crow Egg would be immediately available for a short time as a bonus offer, whereas the amended version of the announcement now confirms that Crows Eggs will not be available until Monday.

We are very displeased with both Bigpoint and the Forum Moderators over this and are in negotiations with support in an attempt to get suitable redress (by way of Crow).

If you were affected by this as a result of reading our earlier post we can only apologise and suggest that you contact Support using the link at the bottom of your game screen, detailing the sequence of events and quoting your Farm Name and ID Number. You will be in the queue behind us.

(UPDATE: We did eventually receive our Crow on the Monday. 🙂 )

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