Market Update – Zero items now showing – Latest status report

Mee You will be pleased to know that items in the market for which there are no offers are now being shown.

They are greyed out as in this example.

Zero Items in Market

The sequencing of items has also now settled down and they are arranged in Game Level order.

At least some progress is being made.

However, other bugs still exist and we are all advised to use the market with a degree of caution.

If you buy and item and are left with a spinning daisy things will still work enough for you to be able to get back to the Map, move to another field, and then hit F5. The spinning daisy will then disappear.

If you buy something your CC’s are immediately taken but the items may not appear in inventory for a few minutes. Again, using F5 when on a field should force an update.

Similarly, if you sell something your inventory is reduced but if another player buys those items you are not necessarily credited immediately. F5 is again a solution.

The market pop-ups are not always correct. For example, you buy 17 rabbit feed, and the pop-up tells you that you have bought 1000 wheat.

The maximum prices are incorrect, and this is not due to the Dynamic Market which is not yet correctly implanted.

Be Careful: Yesterday a goat was shown at over 2 million CCs! Obviously, nobody will buy it at that price, and the seller will have lost 200,000 CCs of Market Fees. Here’s hoping they get suitably compensated.

Good luck out there and remember, use the market with caution at the moment.

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